Effect of Product Design in Attracting Customers

S O Putri, E A Xavier

ICOBEST 2020 - New Era, the Trend towards Global Challenge after Covid-19 Pandemic - ISBN 978-623-95562-0-4


This study aims to determine the impact on design product in attracting customer with the use of E-commerce or marketplace technology. This research method used qualitative methods by relying on existing data or theories. The results of this study indicated that online product marketing was expected to have an impact on increasing the seller's income. Every product maker almost always struggles to market the products they will sell. Most sellers only sell the products they sell at their place of business. Even though on this day, technology can be very utilized to market the products they will sell. The development of technology is now very possible to create opportunities for them to be able to maximize the marketing of their products easily and inexpensively.

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