Visual Representation of Indonesian Culture in Character Design HololiveID Virtual Youtuber

G Rimbawati, Y H Putra

ICOBEST 2022 - Empowering World Optimism and Revitalization Through Scientific Framework - ISBN


The purpose of this study is to identify visual representations of Indonesian culture that are applied to the virtual character design of Hololive Indonesia (HololiveID) Virtual Youtuber (vTuber). To obtain data, qualitative research methods will be performed as well as observation. This cultural representation can analyze using narrative-visual analysis and semiotics. Through visual-narrative and semiotic analysis, the visual elements of the HololiveID vTuber character design will be identified and analyzed to classify the design of Indonesian cultural artifacts that the character is trying to adapt. As a virtual youtuber, the character design itself will represent their visual identity. The discourse on the visual adaptation of Indonesian cultural elements has become an interesting phenomenon to study. The impact on Japanese popular culture fans among Indonesian people can be seen from the enthusiasm that emerged when this was a trend. Cultural visual adaptation can be used as a media to introduce a traditional culture by the means of popular culture. From this analysis, it can be concluded how the HololiveID vTuber character design lifts and represents Indonesian culture into its visual identity. The result of this present research shows HololiveID generation two’s character design is proven to have Indonesian cultural design as their visual Identity, mostly their design using batik to represent the Indonesian culture and requires a deeper level of understanding of the Indonesian cultural artefact itself.

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