Cross-Cultural Understanding in Emily in Paris Series Season 1: Episodes 1 and 2

M R Yuwita

ICOBEST 2022 - Empowering World Optimism and Revitalization Through Scientific Framework - ISBN


Many experts believe that language is broadly defined as an external expression reflecting its social groups’ behaviour and cultures. The relationship between language and culture is deeply rooted and inseparable as they may affect each other. This article presents and explores cross-cultural understanding in Emily in Paris Series Season 1, specifically Season 1 and 2. Emily, the protagonist, is portrayed as an American woman who is unexpectedly hired at a marketing firm in Paris, French. The series explicitly showed Emily’s struggle encountering language and culture clash in Paris due to her lack of understanding and pragmatic mismatch. This current study adopts a descriptive qualitative method to examine 7 data taken from conversations transcription from Season 1: Episodes 1 and 2. The collected data is then carefully analyzed and elaborated using relevant theories. This result of this research evidently demonstrates multiple ways of how Americans and French behave. In summation, this research has demonstrated distinctive ways of greeting, giving compliments, the concept of time and space, the idea of business and personal space, and idiomatic expressions. In brief, this holocultural research could promote awareness and understanding of cultural differences as a tool to overcome this intertwined world as well as avoid cultural shock.

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