Digital Business Opportunities in Education Services: the Use of Information Technology in the Covid-19 Endemic

N.S.S. Sugiana, T.K. Long, D.S. Hamdani, T. Sulastri, T.I. Hendriana

ICOBEST 2022 - Empowering World Optimism and Revitalization Through Scientific Framework - ISBN


The impact of Covid-19 in various segments of life makes everyone talk about it; not only in the community among workers and businessmen but also within any community whose activities are conducted from home, either merely some social activities or simple economic transactions; those activities are done in one of another way that they are all required to know how to use information technology. Data have it that nearly all Indonesia people are unique mobile users, social media users and Internet users. Thus, the increase in the use of information technology seems to be very substantial. What arises from this phenomenon is that business opportunities in various sectors have turned into digital, as the educational services that have also turned into online forms and often involve parents who have to provide digital facilities for their children as the students. This research is conducted using descriptive approach with quantitative analysis, and it aims to bring forward some finding that opportunities do avail in the current pandemic-influenced educational services. Observation and studies on research data reveal the use of information technology and its trends, and serve as a reference that digital business opportunities in the educational field will keep accelerating during the Covid-19 endemic era. And this in turn is expected to serve as important information for any interested parties.

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