GenBust's behavior in the Use of Information Technology and The Utilization of Digital Markets as Consumers To Make Purchasing Decisions

R Wahdiniwaty, N S S Sugiana

ICOBEST 2022 - Empowering World Optimism and Revitalization Through Scientific Framework - ISBN


This study aims to change the views of the bust generation, especially the bust generation so that they can have more confidence in marketplace technology, take advantage of the market for them to transact with Indonesia's geographic and demographic background, of course, the application of supporting technology and population growth supporting economic turnover. Analyzing the relationship between Gen Bust consumer behavior with purchasing decisions through the digital market, using quantitative analysis and looking at the behavior of Gen Bust consumers on the use of the marketplace. the information needed to maximize Gen Bust, this is an important segmentation in digital marketing analysis, looking at the population by Age 50 - 54 is 16 111.2, owned by Gen Bust. the results of the study describe this bust generation as having a balance of life, adapting quickly, this generation is a sensitive generation and tends to have an attitude that does not want to be harmed, especially in the use of the marketplace, which reflects the consumer behaviour of the bust gene that has not been open, even though this gene bust uses market applications and market usage digital and of course will have an impact on a right business decision. This will also be a reference where the market share for the bust gene is still very potential if you feel the quality of the marketplace so that the sensitivity of the bust gene can be overcome.

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