The Meaning of Application of Symbolic Ornaments at the Mosque Gedhe Kauman Yogyakarta

Rifa Nur Fadhilah, D A Wahab Sya’roni

ICOBEST 2021 - Digitalization and Opportunities in The Tough Time - ISBN 978-623-95562-1-1


In this study, the Gedhe Kauman Mosque is located in Yogyakarta, the mosque has a lot of beauty created in each of the areas contained in the space. The mosque building which is now a pattern and embodiment is a reflection of the love of Muslims for their God. Through a step-by-step process to arrive at a form that can be declared perfect that is carried out from generation to generation. This research, which was conducted at the Gedhe Kauman mosque, described the names of the ornaments and their symbolic meanings in the interior carvings found in the Gedhe Kauman Mosque, Yogyakarta. This research is descriptive qualitative which serves to discuss several works of art for social buildings, namely the Gedhe Kauman Mosque. Research data obtained by observation, documentation and interviews. Based on the research results, there are several ornaments such as lotus, saton, praban/praba, mirong, highlights. The function of the conclusions of this study is to add insight into the works of art that are applied to buildings used for worship that have memorable meanings in them.

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