Financial, Socioeconomic, and Psychological Problems of Stock Market Workers and Medical Health Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

M A Khashbah, G K Ahmed

ICOBEST 2021 - Digitalization and Opportunities in The Tough Time - ISBN 978-623-95562-1-1


This study aims to investigate the effect of Financial, Social, and Psychological Problems during the disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the expectation of its impact in the future on the effects of life for workers in the health sector and Egyptian Stock Market sector. The research method used a quantitative method with resort to an ordinal logit regression model to assess the impact of fear from COVID-19 for job losses and future expectations toward COVID-19 influence on the lives of workers in terms of economic, social, and psychological aspects assess The results show the health workers were more affected by the COVID-19 pandemic regarding decreased net income, increased work hours, and children’s problems relative to the business workers .Regarding the socioeconomic level, the health workers had high percentages in the high class (16.9%) relative to the business workers (13.1%).In contrast, the business workers had high percentages in the low class (19%) relative to the health workers (25%).In addition, according to beck’s scales, the health workers had relatively higher levels of anxiety than another sector, while the level of depression was similar in both sectors. We conclude Health workers were negative affected by the COVID-19 pandemic more than business workers regarding psychological (anxiety), financial and social problems. The type of work sector plays a prominent role in determining the effects of COVID-19 on all aspects of employee life.

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