Turnover Intention Model Built with Organizational Politics

A Krismaturoh, R Wahdiniwaty

ICOBEST 2021 - Digitalization and Opportunities in The Tough Time - ISBN 978-623-95562-1-1


The quality of Human Resources owned can push the company's goals well, to keep the employee's performance from decreasing company must make employees comfortable in their work, If employees are not comfortable, it will cause a sense of wanting to leave the company or it can be called Turnover Intention, the perception of organizational politics that there are individual interests above organizational interests and injustice in the organizational environment. This research was conducted to find out whether Organizational Politics can support Turnover Intention in the company. This study used a quantitative approach and a questionnaire survey was used to collect data from employees. The results of the study are that there is an influence of organizational politics on turnover intention, from the calculated F value of 0.405 < F table of 4.11 which means that there is a significant linear relationship between the variables of Organizational Politics. The conclusion of this research is The company should start by investigating what has caused uneasiness among employees and hope that leaders will be more fair in dealing with their subordinates. The impact of this research is expected to make the company in improving the environment and culture in the company for the better and make the leadership pay more attention to employees in order to create a positive environment.

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