The Effectiveness of @humaskabbdg Instagram Information on Instantiation Perceptions Among Followers.

Rismawaty, Desayu Eka Surya, Ayoenda Fadiyah Putri

ICOBEST 2021 - Digitalization and Opportunities in The Tough Time - ISBN 978-623-95562-1-1


The purpose of this research was to determine the extent of the effectiveness of @humaskabbdg Instagram information on instantiation perceptions among followers. To answer this problem, the researchers took a measuring instrument from Variable Y (Perception), namely feelings and sources of information. The method in this study uses a quantitative approach with descriptive analysis techniques with data collection, namely surveys. The population in this research were followers of the @humaskabbdg Instagram account and the sample was taken was 100 respondents. The sampling technique used probability random sampling with a simple random sampling method. The results of this research by calculating the coefficient of determination analysis show that the Effectiveness of @humaskabbdg Instagram Information has an influence of 45.3% on the Instantiation Perception among Followers. In the results of processing the t-test, the calculated t value obtained is 9.003 > t table of 1.984 which was in proper with the hypothesis testing criteria, namely Ho was rejected and Ha was accepted. This means that it has a significant and positive effect. These results show that the effectiveness of @humaskabbdg's Instagram information has been effective on instantiation perceptions among followers.The conclusion for this research was that there was a significant and positive effect between the effectiveness (variable x) of @humaskabbdg Instagram Information on the Perception (variable y) of Instantiation among Followers, with the categories "Effective" and "Very Good" so it can be concluded that the @humaskabbdg Instagram account was already effective. Suggestions for the Public Relations of the Bandung Regency Leaders, it was hoped that the admin of the @humaskabbdg Instagram account could continue to spread useful information and provide the latest innovations to attract followers' attention through posted content so that the followers of the @humaskabbdg Instagram account can have a good perception or image to the instantiation.

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