Japanese Translation of Indonesian Comic’s Onomatopoeia

Mohammad Ali

ICOBEST 2020 - New Era, the Trend towards Global Challenge after Covid-19 Pandemic - ISBN 978-623-95562-0-4


This study intends to describe translation strategies used for translating onomatopoeia that appear in Indonesian comic books. The data as the source text was taken from one of the indigenous comic written by Indonesian Author. The method used in this study was a qualitative method with content analysis as a technique. All of onomatopoeia that appeared in this comic book will be paired with their Japanese translation before going into analysis. As result, there are 4 translation strategies that used for translating onomatopoeia in Indonesian comic, (1) equivalent, (2) derivative, (3) katakana-ka, and (4) coinage. From these results, there is conclusion that translating onomatopoeia are not become easier problem just by considering the number of onomatopoeia in its language itself.

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